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US Document Reveals Armenian Genocide Continued Into 1930s

October 15th, 2008 by

sd_1934_doc1.jpgA recently uncovered US State Department document reveals that, as late as 1934, the Turkish government was continuing its policy of genocide against its Armenian population.  In a letter sent from the US Embassy in Ankara, Ambassador Robert P. Skinner summarizes how the government coerced the remaining Armenians living in Anatolia to abandon their properties and forcibly exiled them from their homes.

As Skinner himself states, “It is likely, though, that their removal is simply one step in the government’s avowed policy of making Anatolia purely Turkish.” In other words, the US is once again on record documenting and openly describing the Turkish government’s systematic campaign to wipe out its indigenous Armenian population.

Furthermore, the date of this correspondence demonstrates that the crime committed against the Armenians is not something that can simply be relegated to the days of the Ottoman Empire.

As Harout Sassounian points out in his latest column, this document reinforces the fact that, “a key reason why today’s Turkish officials are not prepared to face their history honestly and blame their Ottoman ancestors is that the Republic of Turkey is actually the continuation of the Ottoman state.”

Sassounian goes on to write, “many of the early leaders of the Turkish Republic had been high-ranking Ottoman officials personally involved in the implementation of the Armenian Genocide.  Such an unbroken transition in leadership assured the continuity of the Ottomans’ anti-Armenian policies.” 

The reality is that the Armenian Genocide was a policy which extended beyond the confines of World War I.  It continued in equal veracity into the Kemalist era and, in effect, continues to this day with successive Turkish administrations pursuing their policy of aggressively denying and criminalizing discussion of the first genocide of the 20th century.

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2 responses about “US Document Reveals Armenian Genocide Continued Into 1930s”

  1. Samantha Ragson said:

    Amazing that this document is being discovered only now. It simply shows, once again, that from Morgenthau and the U.S. Consuls in 1915, to Skinner in 1934 and the U.S. Report which specifically cites the Armenian Genocide, filed with the ICJ in 1951 – the State Department and Administration know the events of 1915 to 1934 (?) and beyond are genocide.

    It will take continued organizing by the Armenian American community and the anti-genocide constituency to send a message to today’s U.S. leadership not to give into Turkey’s gag rule on truth.

  2. Edi said:

    This women was there in 1942:

    Dear Edi: Yes, I know what VARLIK VERGISI means. It means Income Tax. I have
    written to you about this high taxation to the non moslims in l942 , This tax was so
    high, if the people couldn’t pay it, they were exiled to the eastern Turkey (Erzurum, Erzincan etc.) for hard labor. Many people died under hard labor. It was a very, very
    bad time in Turkey during 1942.

    Best regards,

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